Khind Robotic Vacuum VC9X6A


4 Cleaning Mode


Charging Time

Coverage Area

Operating Time
Cleaning Mode
Auto/Zigzag Cleaning
This is the most commonly used mode. The appliance cleans in a straight line or Zigzag line and changes direction when it meets an obstacle.
Edge Cleaning
This mode is good for cleaning the edges and corners of a room. Place the appliance close to the wall or along the border of the wall.
Spot Cleaning
Spot Cleaning Mode for an area filled with dirt or dust. The appliance focuses on a specific area to clean and works in a spiral line
Full Go Cleaning
When the machine is powered ON, or in the process of cleaning, or in charging status, press the FULL GO button on the remote controller to activate the status. The Machine automatically starts/continue when the unit is fully charged.
Quick Recharge
The 2000 mAh Lithium battery lasts long enough to handle an area of 80 m2. Charging time is 4 to 5 hours. 15% battery level start Auto Charging Function.
Anti-falling & Anti Collision
ANTI FALLING, ANTI COLLISION , 15 DEGREES CLIMBING. Vacuuming robot is powered by a full suite of smart sensors that automatically guide the robotic vacuum around your home. It will avoid hitting obstacles, falling down from stairs by changing directions, and will climb the carpets lower 15 degree.
Thin Body
7.5cm with the lower flexible and thin body, the vacuum cleaner can simply sweeping the corner of wall(table) and area under bed and sofa, whereupstanding vacuum cleaner not easy to reach.
Dry Sweeping & Mopping Function
Vacuum & Mop
Dry Sweeping & Mopping Function2-in-1 Dust/ Water Container.

Dual Roller Brushes ,Sweeping and Suction
The suction and sweeping modes combine to make the floor cleaner; 1300Pa SUCTION. Suitable for wooden floor, ceramic tile andTHIN carpets.

Adaptor Input Voltage
AC100-240V~ 50/60Hz
Adaptor Output Voltage
Battery Type
Lithium-Ion Battery
Battery Voltage
11.1V 2000mAH
Filtration Type
HEPA Filter
2-in-1 Dust/ Water Container
Dust Capacity: 250ml
Water Capacity: 150ml
Suction Power (W)
Operating Time
55 – 65 minutes
Charging Time
4 – 5 hours
Charging Option
• Auto Charging
• Manual Charging
Anti-Collision Sensor
4 Sensors
Anti-Falling Sensor
3 Sensors
Noise Level
50 – 60dB
1 Unit
Net Weight
Gross Weight
Product Dimension (D x H)
300 x 75mm
Box Dimension (L x W x H)
436 x 358 x 118mm
Colour Black

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