Sharp 32 Inch HD Google TV 2T-C32EG1X


  • Android TV with Mic R/C – Enjoy plenty of apps including videos, news and games.
  • X2 Master Engine – AQUOS original processor enhances the quality of experience.
  • Sound Reflector – Unique TV design which pushed the sound pressure towards user.
  • Comfort Mode – Special AV mode that reduces 50% of blue light.



All Sharp products pass strict Japanese quality standards. Sharp TVs are proven to have safe protection and high endurance under various circumstances. Now you can enjoy your viewing experience from a quality TV that is protected by 7 Shields.

Lightning Shield

Varistor protects the product from lightning surges through AC cable that are in line with EMC standard (IEC 61000–4–2 & IEC 61000–4–5).

Heavy Weight Shield

The design of our wall mounting brackets are tested against IEC 60065 weight loading standards.

Voltage Shield

Safe product operation is ensured throughout, as our TVs can handle more than standard voltage (110V – 240V).

Drop Shield

The protective performance of our packaging and the durability of SHARP LED TVs are proven by passing strict drop tests.

Stability Shield

Our proven structural stability has been benchmarked against IEC 60065 standards.

Vibration Shield

Our quality carton packing design and high build quality of SHARP LED TVs are proven to be vibration resistant during delivery.

High Temperature & Humidity Shield

Reliable SHARP LED TVs are proven and tested based on IEC 60065 standards to withstand high temperature and humidity settings.

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