Sharp Stand Mixer 4L 350W ESM80WH


The mixing head with stainless steel decoration
Stailess steel bowl
Spalsh guard available
Variable speeds control

Sharp Stand Mixer SHP-EMS80WH

Perfect for passionate cooks, the Sharp Stand Mixer offers high-quality performance and versatile functionality, helping you create cakes, sauces, desserts and other delicious treats for the whole family. It is a compact and durable hand mixer that is both quick and easy to use.

The Sharp stand Mixer EMH55WH uses an efficient 350W motor with different speeds option designed to be ideal for folding, mixing and whisking the consistency you want. Its advanced cooling system makes sure the motor does not overheat or lose efficiency when used for prolonged periods.

It comes complete with beaters and splash guard to ensure all your ingredients stay in the 4L stainless steel bowl.

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